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    Why The Next 30 Days are Critical

    The next 30 days are critical to your success. There are very few times during the year that are as important as November.

    The window of opportunity is short and you have to take full advantage. By the third week of November many prospects and customers go into holiday mode. We begin to hear that all too common phrase, "call me in the new year." This response can be a winner or a killer. If you work really hard through these next 30 days with tons of prospect appointments, your schedule will be packed through the end of the year, so prospects who put you off until next year won't negatively impact your success. In fact, you have two possible scenarios with these people. Either they genuinely have no interest, or they have a legitimate reason to buy in January, February, or March.

    The next 30 days can determine your success for up to the next 6 months! Use this time to give everything you've got—where you feel like you've got nothing left to give—knowing that when the holidays come around, you'll have time to rest, recharge, and have a powerful pipeline awaiting your return in January!

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